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The Ultimate STEM Experience for K-12 Students

As a teacher, I highly value the first-hand teaching experience. I have developed a few courses to teach local students. Those courses are taught in small groups like 2-4 students ranging from grade 7 to grade 12.

There is a plan to create a few online courses based on these live courses so stay tuned.

Mathematical Gaming Programming 

Breaking walls between mathematics, programming and gaming

In this course, we use JavaScript to implement a few classic arcade games like catch, ping pong, minesweeper and even a simple role-playing game. This lesson is designed for students who love playing games. It will be too late when students realize they are learning so much!

Here is the link to the course's page.

Mathematical Thinking Enrichment 

Be a problem maker and... also be a real problem solver

This course is designed for students who are interested in mathematics but unsatisfied with school work. We will talk about math history, how math evolves in history and the scientific, logical and computational way of approaching problems.

This course will benefit students for whatever they decide to pursue in the future!

Here is the link to the course's page.

Image by Crissy Jarvis
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